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Double Six: Boardgames past, present and still to come

What else goes together quite like Christmas and boardgames? Frustration, Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Risk … a childhood Christmas day was rarely complete until families gathered at the table with freshly unwrapped piles of counters and cards, while someone read rules from the lid of the box. But where did boardgames come from and where did they go? And what kind of boardgames does the future hold?

Double Six is your chance to relive all the fun and frustration of boardgames through the ages and explore how they’ve been played, collected and are now created in Kingston. Tracing developments from the board and bean of ancient origin to the card and counter of their 1960s and 70s heyday, you’ll find out what the local community is enjoying now and how it’s contributing to gaming in the future.

Although digital technology means many more people can now play in virtual worlds on screens, boardgames are enjoying a welcome comeback to real-world tabletops everywhere. The interactive exhibition and events will be your chance to celebrate and help shape the new golden age of boardgaming.

Whether you were a cheater, a chancer, a stickler or a saint, normal rules will not apply in this exhibition for players of all ages – take your chances, open the box and roll the dice to start.

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