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Tanya (Power Yoga Kingston) will lead this relaxing class beginning with some gentle awareness, followed by a handful of postures supported on blankets and bolsters to down-regulate the nervous system at the end of the week and ending with a delicious deep relaxation.

PLEASE NOTE – You will need a selection of blankets, cushions, pillows, (bolsters and blocks if you have them) perhaps big books, Tupperware containers, anything that will help prop up your body comfortably. Your lights can be dimmed and you can add your favourite chill out music if you prefer. Cameras are kept on so that I can help you find the most comfortable supported position for your bodies.

Book your place on this class by clicking here.

With over 20 years’ personal training, pilates, yoga, NLP, coaching and general health and wellness experience, Tanya can offer you a wide range of skills and knowledge to give you an enhanced enjoyment of a fresh modern yoga and pilates practice, as well as 121 or group health coaching to bring you back to centre, so that you can enjoy incredible health, fitness, vitality and happiness.

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